Sn95 wheel fitment

I have a Ford Mustang v6. Bought original. Came with opton to upgrade to a 16 wheel. Notice lately when turn whell all the way right or left tire rubs on sway bar.

Might have always done this, I don't know, ot was my sons car. K now most came with 15 inch. Did ford have a problem with 16 wheels?

Thank You. I have a set of 17" wheels from a Ford Mustang V6 that a friend gave to me he bought new wheels for it. Will these fit a Ford Freestar SE? The bolt pattern is the same. Your wheel and tire specs for the mustang are way off, especially with the brembo option selected. A 17" wheel would never fit with brembos. Even 18s need to be chosen very carefully.

Also a width tire would be way too small, the smallest stock tire is a and the track pack comes with a The Boss comes with a in front and in back. Also, the bolts arenot No word on the factory offset. Hi,Rad,According to my data,The faxctory offset for Mustang is 40mm,You can take mm offset wheels. If you have brought the rims,You can check the back of wheel spokes,Usually,The offset ET will carve in it.

Thanks for the updates. Please note the data on the website is still outdated for the offset and bolt pattern.

Foxbody 15x10 wheel fitment with sn95 axles

The eco is wrong on the website. Thank you for comments. But we have no any info about 5x bolt pattern. So if you can please send us email with correct spec to update data. Is it me, When is a consider part of Mustang 1st gen and what happen to 's?Need help determining what wheels will fit your Mustang?

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It will help you pick the perfect rim and tire combination for your Stang. We get a ton of questions about what wheels fit which Mustang the best or which tires do you recommend for the best fit?

We have decided to put it down on digital paper and go over what wheels we recommend for your SN95 and New Edge Mustang. There are literally s of combinations when you factor in rim sizes, rim width, finishes and tires. This should help take the guess work out making your next Mustang Wheel purchase.

If you still have any questions you are welcome to give us a call at and one of our customer service members will be able to answer any questions you might have! Before we dive too deep into this conversation let us first take a look at a basic guideline when it comes to backspacing for Mustangs V6, GT, Mach 1, Bullitt and Cobras with solid rear ends.

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Some of the most popular wheel combinations on the market for the SN and New Edge Mustang revolve around deep dish wheels. So what does this mean? Deep Dish Mustang wheels can be found on almost all of our most popular wheels for Stangs. They all feature a polished or machined lip that gives you aggressive look that always turns heads.

They come in 18x9 and 18x10 combinations that will still completely fill any wheel well. Since they were first introduced, one of the most popular wheels and tire kit options for these year range Mustangs has been the 17x9 front and 17x This combination is followed by a close second in popularity by the 18x9 front wheels and 18x10 rear wheels combination.

This slight bump in diameter goes a long way to help your wheels get noticed. This can be solved by installing a set of lowering springs to help reduce the fender gap on your Stang.

Rule of thumb is the lower the vehicle the more you sacrifice with ride quality. Shop our complete line of springs here: Mustang Lowering Springs. Check out this installation video!! This is where the rubber hits the road — literally! Here at LMR. All wheel and tire kits come mounted and balanced. All you have to do is slap them on your Stang and you are good to go!! Below are some of our more popular tire options. A customer and employee favorite are the Nitto tires.We get so many questions about what wheels fit which Mustang the best or which tires do you recommend for the best fit?

We have decided to put it down on digital paper and go over what wheels we recommend for your Mustang. At Late Model Restoration we want to make it as easy as possible to select the perfect wheel and tire kit for your Mustang. Listed below are some of our most popular wheel and tire combo's that we researched and determined that are the best fit for your Fox Body Mustang!

The Mach 1's NEW WHEELS!!

The Mustang had a smaller front fender opening when compared to the Mustang. If you want to run a 17x It can be done in your driveway in no time, but remember that every Mustang is different! You may not have to do anything besides removing the rear quad shocks. Earlier Fox body Mustangs, as well as 4-cylinder Mustangs won't typically accept greater than an 8"-wide front wheel due to strut-to-wheel clearance.

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An upgrade to 5. We say "possible" here, again, because every car differs. Mustang Steering Rack Limiters can aid in allowing a larger wheel and tire combination on the front of your Fox Body.

They limit the travel of the rack, sometimes preventing tire or wheel rub on full-lock turns. Just don't use too many of them, or your turning radius will suffer!

One of our most popular Fox Body wheel restoration parts is our 5-lug conversion kit which allows you to run certain 5-lug wheels on your Fox Body Mustangs for added safety and looks. It also allows you to expand your wheel choices. Do you have questions about installing one of these kits? The main reason that a lot of Fox Body Mustang wheels will not fit is because for our kit we use a replacement front 5-lug rotor in our kit that still uses an outer bearing.

What happens if you try to install something such as a Bullitt wheel? It will simply pop out the center cap and not allow it to stay snapped in.Forums New posts Search forums.

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New posts. Search forums. Foxbody 15x10 wheel fitment with sn95 axles. Thread starter Buzzie Start date Apr 13, Tags 5lugconversion sn95 drag racing foxbody foxbody build wheel fitment.

Finding the right sized wheels for foxes with SN95 axles

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Buzzie New Member. Aug 10, 11 0 1 Ive recently got tricked into turning my project car into more of a drag car and need help finding wheels that will fit a 26x Im going to be running a upr rear suspension kit deleting my quad shocks but i cant figure out what offest and backspacing i need for a 15x10 wheel to fit with sn95 axles and brakes.

Ive seen other threads about this but they had stock length axles. I know some wheel kits from lmr can fit with stock length axles but the sn95 axles will have me. If anyone could help me that would be very appreciated. HotFox 10 Year Member.

Jan 5, 39 SE Michigan. First off if that is truly a I run some 27" Hoosiers on a 10" rim, of course I'm doing it with stock length axles and 6. Which fit perfect on my car it's tight inside and out. I think you can only go to 5. If they did offer 6" I would go that and add a shim if you have to. HotFox said:. Mustang5L5 A little massaging and it went right in Mod Dude. Feb 18, 32, 8, Massachusetts. Why not just buy the necessary parts to run sn95 brakes with the fox lenght axles.

Much easier time fitting big wheels. Mustang5L5 said:. Sep 5, 4, 1, Seaside, CA. I'll take a shot at this, but you really should measure. And, you should square the rear, because they are often not square.Written By: Andrew Cilio.

Show off your style and give those around you a glimpse into your personality with a set of aftermarket wheels. A lot is said by what a person drives so make sure the statement you're making is one that accurately represents you. When selecting new wheels for your Ford Mustang, it's important to understand wheel basics in order to get the appropriate wheel. This guide will cover wheel offsets, backspacing, and bolt patterns, giving you everything you need to pick out the perfect wheels for your Mustang.

This guide also breaks down the wheels we carry into four categories — year, style, color, and size — so you can decide how you want to shop. Looking for different tire sizing calculations, or just want to see how much those new rims are going to throw off your speedometer? Our tire size calculator will help you solve fitment and spacing issues. One of the questions we get most often is: what size wheel will fit my car? As long as you purchase a rim meant for your year Mustang, it will fit.

To see a list of tire sizes that fit on stock wheels check out the chart below. For more information on tires in general, click here.

sn95 wheel fitment

Generally, moving one rim size up from your stock size improves performance. Three sizes up from your stock size will require a tuner to adjust your speedometer, and depending on the wheel material you'll have to compensate for the extra weight. Not to mention wheel well space and steering clearance issues will rear their heads.

If you're bold enough to increase your wheel size by four 16 to 20 for exampleodds are you have a show car. This type of size upgrade is a pure looks move. You'll achieve a lowered look, but performance and ride quality will suffer. Buying a wheel wider than stock will increase the contact area the wheel has with the road, which provides better handling and cornering.

Check out the chart below to see which wheel options came stock on your Mustang.

sn95 wheel fitment

The biggest benefit to buying wheels the same size as stock is most of the time you will not have to buy new tires. The See below for the reason why! Say you spot an awesome set of wheels on someone else's ride, but there's an issue.

The other person's Mustang is from a different generation than yours. This is a dilemma for many, and there are some things to consider. By the book, Mustang wheels will fit on a Mustang and vice versa. However, it is not as simple as it would appear. While Mustangs from share the same wheel bolt pattern, there are other factors that come into play.

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One of the first things to consider is how wide the wheels are. Wider wheels than what are currently on the car can run into issues with steering and suspension components. In this instance, wheel spacers can be used to bring the wheels away from these components. Wheel offset is another issue. What is wheel offset? This too can cause a similar issue regardless of wheel width or perhaps even the opposite which can be ideal as it gives the vehicle an aggressive look. Additionally, lug nuts, brake components, and center bores in the wheels may come into play when looking to make the swap and will need to be taken into consideration to ensure a proper fit.

For example, if a wheel is 9 inches wide, the hub could be manufactured to be 6 inches inside the wheel which leaves only 3 inches on the other side of the wheel. While this combination could work on a Mustang and fit inside the wheel well, the same combination on a GT would result in the wheels sticking outside the wheel well. The front end of a Mustang is set up in a way that will fit at largest a 9 inch rim.Finding the correct offset is an ordeal.

After reading thousands yes that many of posts on various websites, I still have no definitive answer. The fronts are relatively easy since 0. So I set out to figure this out on my own. Hopefully this post will help answer some questions. Offset: If you lower the offset, the wheel will move outward, or end up sticking past your fenders with more chance of rear fender lip rub.

If you increase the offset, the wheel will be closer to the inner fender wall, or risk rubbing to the strut, tailpipe or frame on the back. Backspace: This is the distance from the inside edge of the wheel to its mounting pad. And less backspace pushes the wheel out. You basically need Ford Ranger driver side axles example: 3.

The job would probably only take a few beers to do. Anyway, just a thought! First thing I wanted to do was make a scale sized illustration, for that I needed to measure things, a straight edge, some beer and a measuring tape is all you need. Now to figure out how much space there is between the rotor surface mounting surface and fender lip.

You will notice the wheels are more tucked inside the fenders. These are on my 87 notchback with SN95 axles and spindles. I really like the look of the GT wheels and how it sits relative to the fenders. I like to visualise things so I made a jig out of cardboard, fridge magnet and a straight edge. I still have to get an alignment up front as you can see but I think this sits very well now! I really hope this is helpful and that it inspires you to do your own math for finding wheels.

sn95 wheel fitment

So stay tuned and thanks for reading — also please share! Awesome explanations! Are these the AMR charcoal wheels? Do you think that I will need to roll my fenders with these? Thanks for your site and keep up the good work!

sn95 wheel fitment

Hi thanks for the comment! Not sure if you will have to roll the fenders, probably not with Fox length axles but you may need to check clearances behind the wheel. Something to keep in mind. You can post your question on the Foxbody shop talk Facebook group. Cheers and thanks again for checking out foxstang. Thank you for posting this info! I am looking at doing the same with my 88 LX Hatch. I am assuming I will run into the same thing as you did.

Instead though, I will be using an 88 Turbo Coupe rear that I already have. I sourced the axles, calipers, caliper brackets from a 96 V6 Mustang that I plan on using to convert to 5 lug.Track Mustangs Online was built specifically for those who track their Mustangs!

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Fox Body Wheel and Tire Guide

Log in. Register Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Wheel fitment question for SN Messages 25 Reaction score 32 Location Laveen, Az.

What tires? Opinions are welcome. Should work. IIRC, I used a 6. Messages 3, Reaction score 2, Location Blair, Nebraska. To be honest have never even heard of Federals, so looked up a little info. Surprised at how inexpensive they were and too bad they don't have more sizesthough I would move to a on your car, over a Frankly both are a bit too thin width wise in my mind, but at the price point it is worth checking them out and we will look forward to hearing from you when you can give your assessment?

Messages 2, Reaction score 1, Federals worry me because they are too inexpensive, I haven't the gut to try them in any meaningful way. I have tried Kumhos, howeverand was very happy with their DOT slick for road racing. Will agree with Blacksheep as I tend to go with tires that are tried and true. Can give strong comments on Hoosiers, Michelinsand even Bridgestone and Toyo. All will run more price wiseand there is also another option out there if you trailer the car -- get a set of used World Challenge Series Pirelli slicks.

Usually they are around per tire and they stick great and you don't feel bad if you trash one, ha. I know a lot of guys who drive to the track road course or autocross and the Bridgestone RERs are quite popular as are the Toyo Rrs. Michelin Sport Cups are quicker than each of those on a road course, though they won't heat up as quick as the Bridgestones on an Autocross course.

Compromises with manyand the fast rubber will be the Hoosiers or a set of used Pirelli slicks. Last edited: Dec 28, JDee Ancient Racer. Messages Reaction score Location halfway between Mosport and Shannonville. There was a discussion on another forum one that has a lot of drama on it, hint hint about Federal tires and there was a fair bit of positive comment on them. Some photos of a right front tire off a set that was used on a track that was famous for wear and they looked like they took the abuse quite well.

The problem, as was pointed out, is sizing though the is supposedly

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